Helping you provide better outcomes for your clients

Your clients hired you to help them reach their financial goals, grow and protect their wealth, and plan around life’s unexpected changes. Some clients may be satisfied with annual or quarterly reviews and adjustments to their investment portfolios, while others might expect constant monitoring and more frequent adjustments as conditions change. Weatherstone is designed to be a specialist on your team and provide those frequent reviews and adjustments to your client’s investment portfolios as needed, and the full flexibility to move to cash when market conditions deteriorate, allowing you to focus on what you do best – managing and growing a successful fee-based practice.

We understand that monitoring changing market conditions, evaluating how those changes might impact your client portfolios, deciding if you should adjust asset allocations, documenting those decisions, implementing the necessary trades across portfolios, and then repeating the process again and again can be very time consuming. Weatherstone provides investment strategies that not only perform these functions through weekly evaluations of changing risk levels across markets and investment portfolios, but more importantly, has the flexibility to move your client’s investment portfolios to a 100% cash position, quickly adapting to changing market conditions. This approach enables you to focus your time on working directly with your clients and proactively growing your practice.

Weatherstone has a long history of real results through both bull and bear markets, whereas other money managers may only boast back-tested, hypothetical returns in their offerings. With Weatherstone, you and your clients can benefit from the experience of a money manager who has successfully navigated the largest bear markets of our lifetime, while working to minimize losses, and helped advisors like you return their client’s investment portfolios back to new equity highs much quicker than simply buying and holding a market index, and in many cases, several years sooner.

When working alongside Weatherstone, you can enjoy the benefit of having multiple investment strategy options to fit your client’s needs. Weatherstone’s strategy offerings rely on its in-house investment committee for management and guidance, but also partners with other money managers to offer your clients multi-manager solutions, allowing you the ability to blend styles and strategies in one consolidated account. This provides not only diversification across varied money management teams, but also alleviates having to rely on multiple custodians and differing account statements.

By providing you with comprehensive online reporting, ongoing market commentary, podcasts, webinars, and an in-depth client proposal system, Weatherstone can equip you with the right tools and money manager support necessary to help you maximize your time, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Please contact Weatherstone today and visit with a business development consultant to discuss how they may be able to help you grow the services you offer your clients, giving you more of what you want and what your clients need: growth and time.