Strategic Portfolios With a Clear Focus!

Strategic asset allocation strategies are designed as a long-term investment solution that focuses on lower fees and long-term market-like returns.

Research has shown that if investors can weather the volatility of the stock markets, the long-term benefits are superior market-like performance returns.  The strategic-passive strategies have low fees, very little turnover, global diversification and market-like performance returns.

Indexed Equity
The Indexed Equity strategy is designed for investors looking for potential long-term growth from a diversified equity asset allocation. The strategy attempts to provide broad domestic and international portfolio exposure with a preference for domestic weightings. The international portion of the asset allocation encompasses both developed and emerging market equities. The strategy seeks to achieve its goal by using exchange traded funds or ETFs to target 100% equity exposure at a low cost to the investor. The ETFs within the allocation are focused on diversified exposure to companies across the globe. Other than a 2% cash allocation necessary for cash demands, the strategy will maintain full equity exposure throughout the market cycle. Additionally, the program is rebalanced annually to adjust for market movements within each holding over the course of the year.



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