If you are like most investors, you are looking for a more predictable outcome when it comes to investment and retirement planning.  Why?  Because it has taken years of hard work, sacrifice and continual contributions to investment accounts to accumulate sufficient savings before feeling confident enough to leave the safety of the workforce.  You are investing for life.  Trusting the advice of a financial professional to see you though the retirement years, hoping to avoid unforeseen setbacks that may alter your investment lifestyle and peace of mind.

Choice and Access

Together with your trusted advisor, a sound investment strategy can be implemented.  Your ideal strategy may not be the same as the next investor which is why Weatherstone offers multiple investment styles that can be tailored to your individual circumstances.  These investment styles include: Strategic Asset Allocation and Tactical Asset Allocation.

Strategic asset allocation strategies are designed to track a broad market index using a diverse mix of investments.  This investment style typically maintains market exposure throughout market cycles in anticipation of relative long-term market returns. Click here to learn more.

Tactical asset allocation strategies are designed to capture market gains and protect against severe portfolio losses through intermediate-term asset allocation changes. These changes to the portfolio are made as needed to take advantage of emerging opportunities or to reduce areas of increased risk. Click here to learn more.

Any one solution may not be the answer for you.  In many instances, a combination of the two investment styles will provide the best approach to achieving your goals.  As time goes on or as circumstances change, the blend will also need to be reviewed and updated.  Per the graphic below, Peter, a hypothetical investor who is working and saving money may prefer a higher weighting to the strategic approach in anticipation of market returns, but as Peter retires and moves out of the work force in year 7, the balance become weighted more towards capital preservation and risk mitigation which the tactical approach has greater emphasis towards.

bar chart

In addition, for even greater diversification within tactical or strategic, more than one strategy can be used.  For instance, the tactical portion may contain one or more different strategies, while the strategic portion can do the same.  This brings true diversification not only on the investment style level, but manager diversification for a true all-weather investment approach.

Each investor has a different story which is why a licensed investment advisor can discuss the most appropriate solution having all the tools available to craft and implement a personalized investment plan!  If you don’t already have an investment advisor who can provide the Weatherstone investment services, click here to find someone in your area.

Competitive Fees: Leveraging our size and technology, you will benefit from competitive management fees.  AtTrust Company of America (TCA) where the account is held, you will not pay any transaction costs, sales fees, load fees or entry fees.  Other than the management fee, the only other cost is the custodian fee assessed by Trust Company of America.

Security: Your money is always in your account, under your name.  It is never held by Weatherstone but rather at Trust Company of America, an independent trust company.  You always have complete control of your account.  Weatherstone has discresionary authority that allows us to place the trades and debit management fees.

Complete Transparency: You will have complete 24/7 access to view your account at TCA including transactions, positions, performance, fees, statements, and tax information.  Your advisor will also have the same level of access in order to better assist you.